Hein Hettinga & Sarah Farms

Established by Hein Hettinga, a dairyman for nearly four decades. Sarah Farms dairy operation processes milk seven days a week, enabling it to provide a fresher product.

As Mr. Hettinga points out, “milk doesn’t improve with age...”

The integrated dairy and milk processing operations at Sarah Farms provide fluid milk to Costco Wholesalers and independent retail chains such as Basha’s and Food City. Despite the challenges of modern dairy farming, Hein Hettinga thoroughly enjoys his industry and the hard work it’s taken to make Sarah Farms successful. He puts in 12 hour days, seven days a week.

“There’s a joke around here that we only work half days,” he said. “That means 12 hours a day instead of 24.”

Hettinga said that Sarah Farms is an independent business and proud of it.

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