New Reid Ad Forgets to Mention He Supported Price Gouging and Profiteering in the Milk Industry

Sunday, 12 September 2010
By Liberty is Not Only One Word
Harry Reid released a new ad today entitled “Staying in Business”. The ad touts Reid as the savior of Anderson Dairy, by passing the Dairy law, the inference is that Harry Reid saved 130 jobs at Anderson Dairy… seems like a good thing on it surface, right?

What the ad fails to mention is that Reid supported price gouging and profiteering in the dairy industry by passing the Dairy Law, has had a long relationship with Anderson Dairy, having listed Anderson as a soft money contributor to Reid’s Searchlight Leadership Fund and having Anderson’s vice president David Coon to a meeting about the bill in Sen. Feinstein’s conference room on the hill, along with the fact that Reid, the Milk Lobby, and the Dairy Industry crushed a maverick dairyman named Hein Hettinga (who had the audacity to bottle and sell milk for less, outside the coalition of giant milk companies and dairies, and let the free market decide) by passing a law that reshaped the Western milk market and ended Hettinga’s experiment without a single congressional hearing.

Dan Morgan, Sarah Cohen and Gilbert M. Gaul wrote a great article back in December of 2006 at The Washington Post detailing the history of how the Dairy Bill be came law.

In short, a Dairy farmer and bottler went outside of the Federal Milk Pools in order to provide supply for increasing demand for lower milk prices and when his competition (in what should have been a free market) started to infringe on overpriced coalition pool members (like Anderson Dairy and others) Politicians, like Harry Reid, Kyl, and Milk Lobbyists used their power and influence to target a single company and shore-up the Federal regulation to put an end to free enterprise within the dairy industry.

On the evening of Nov. 2, 2005, lawmakers and several dozen lobbyists squeezed into the conference room of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to seek common ground in the milk dispute. Lewis brought Hettinga and McGrath. Reid came with Anderson’s Coon. Shamrock Foods’ McClelland was with Kyl.

“Jerry, if it wasn’t for you, we’d have taken care of this a long time ago,” Reid said, according to several participants.

Lewis bridled. It seemed as if Reid was calling him a “liar,” he said. If that was so, he might as well leave, he added.

Hettinga told the group how he had built his plants, arguing that the other dairy farmers “didn’t pay me when I started the business, why should I start paying them when the business is successful?”

At the end, participants said, Reid was plainly exasperated. “I’m not listening to any more of this,” he said. “I’m out of here.”

And in typical Reid fashion, set out to make sure his will be done by ramming this bill through without debate… sound familiar?

Reid made his move on Dec. 16, with the Senate chamber nearly empty. He brought up the milk bill, which passed a few minutes later by “unanimous consent,” a procedure that requires no debate or roll call vote if both political parties agree. Reid and Kyl said in recent statements that their goal was to level the playing field for milk producers.

Bravo Senator Reid, you made sure that an innovator, who’s only crime was to create competition in what should have been a free market, was forced to pay his competitors!

“I had an awakening,” the 64-year-old Dutch-born dairyman said. “It’s not totally free enterprise in the United States.”

This is why price-controls and socioeconomic engineering, despite best intentions, continue to fail and keep prices for goods and services artificially high.

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